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Online therapy is the most effective and economic therapy I've come across, which is why I'm all in.
Whether it's over video, phone calls, text or Facetime, we can connect right when you need help.
No hassle, no added costs, no extra effort to travel.

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Online therapy allows for much lower prices. The feedback has been terrific.



Online therapy saves you time, money, and hassle.  In the car, at home, while you travel, or even on a walk.


More Privacy

Less disruption to your schedule, and no chance of bumping into people on your way to the clinic.

JEssica Dell Online Therapist

Take a look at my calendar, and secure your session with a credit card number.

live happier & healtheir

You Deserve to Breakthrough

Therapy can help, and I've done everything to remove barriers for you to get helpful therapy.  Reach out and connect, and we can find out if we're a good patient - therapist match.

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Issues We Treat: After a decade of specializing, here are the issues I've come to focus on.

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Jessica Dell

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