My name is Jessica Dell, and I'm a licensed therapist, counselor, and social worker; and I help people as an online therapist.

My Mission

I want to empower you to live a happier, more meaningful life.


My Path to Being a Therapist

I've had the honor of serving hundreds of people over the last decade between The Dell Therapy Center, my previous roles at other companies, and my extensive education.  Here's a bit of my story.

Previous Roles

Memorial Outpatient Behavioral Health:
I started my psychotherapy career at Memorial Outpatient Behavioral Health where I gained experience in all facets of treating adults struggling with chemical dependency.

Renfrew Center:
After Memorial, I transitioned to a role as counselor at The Renfrew Center, treating clients with eating disorders. On a daily basis, I facilitated process, psycho-educational and topic groups for adolescent, adult and older adult females in a residential eating disorder treatment setting using multi-modal approaches: CT, CBT and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

Dream Recovery International:
I accepted the role as lead therapist at Dream Recovery International, where I provided individual psychotherapy. I worked with clients to develop individualized treatment plans , facilitated group therapy sessions on topics of body image, self-esteem, coping skills and defense mechanisms,


I earned a Master of Social Work, with honors, from Florida Atlantic University.

I received my undergraduate degree from Florida Atlantic University in Cross-Cultural Communication, with a focus on definitive communication for multicultural settings.

The Dell Center for Therapy Utah & Florida

The Dell Center Utah & Florida:
After years in other practices, I deeply desired to launch a therapy practice to align the best practices I'd gathered, which was why I launched The Dell Center for Therapy,  After 3 years of traditional Therapy, our clients requested a more accommodating and lower cost model, which has lead us to focus on online or e-therapy, almost exclusively.

Everyday Life

Whether it’s leading a group session on women’s issues or trekking the Uinta Mountains, I find pleasure through calmly solving problems and understanding my clients’ demands.  

I have a passion for cooking, hiking and I love to travel.

word of mouth

Testimonials from Patients

A few of my bravest patients have stepped out and provided a review on either Google My Business, Facebook, or on my Thumbtack Profile.  Take a look at what people say about our Therapy Online.

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