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February 4, 2020
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Avoiding the Freakout - Avoidant Behavior

“Avoiding the freak out”...

just got off the phone with a client and based on our conversation I had an interesting thought about how we often avoid talking about the things that are hardest to talk about because we are afraid of others’ reactions. However, what’s interesting about this is that we effectively create the space for something worse than we even expected because of our avoidant behavior.

Avoidant Behavior Makes things worse - Jessica Dell

Additionally, we often avoid doing things because we are afraid of our own reaction. For example, if I know that my wedding ring is missing, and I think it’s most likely fallen in a drawer, but I avoid looking in that drawer because I’m afraid that if I look and don’t find it, andI will be extremely upset, then I don’t even give myself the opportunity to find it, and if anything, create more anxiety for myself in the midst of avoiding what I know I really need to do, which is locate my ring or make an insurance claim ;) Not the right response...

So...the question is...are we avoiding the “freak out” or are we causing the “freak out”?

If you believe that you engage in avoidant behavior due to fear of someone else’s reaction or your own reaction, then therapy is right for you.

Therapy can help us stop avoiding and start taking action.

Become the expert in your own life by calling today.

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