Opioid and Painkillers Addiction

If you’ve found that you’re “doctor shopping” to get more pills, please reach out and let’s start heading in the right direction.

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Symptoms of Opioid and Pain Killer Dependency Include:

  • Frequently thinking about your medication and when to take it next
  • Taking more than what’s prescribed by your doctor
  • Changing physicians to keep getting new prescriptions
  • Stealing medication from family members, buying it online, or asking your friends for their leftover pills
  • Acting defensive or getting angry when someone approaches the subject to discuss it with you
  • Changes in personality and happiness, including appearance or hygiene
  • Being more sensitive to pain (hyperalgesia)

And finally? Being on your pain medicine for a long time. Prescription strength pain pills aren’t meant for extended use. You could be putting your life at risk.

Confidential Help for Pain Killer Addiction in Summit County, Utah and Palm Beach County, Florida

At The Dell Center for Therapy, we understand the shame, embarrassment, and struggles that opioid and painkiller addiction can cause. We’re here to help you in a confidential and non-confrontational manner, rather than judge you. This disease isn’t something you can treat on your own; but with the help of professionals you can overcome it.

Trying to get off of a medication “cold turkey” isn’t usually successful. It can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms that make it impossible to fulfill family or professional commitments. Anything from pain and diarrhea to agitation or twitching are normal. We work closely with you and your other medical providers to address the psychological impact that painkiller dependency has.

During the course of your drug addiction therapy, we’ll discuss other factors that may be playing into your medication use. Being able to uncover these challenges and address them head-on can help you to find out the root cause of your opioid use, giving you a better chance of recovery.

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