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Losing someone dear to you is an experience that can be difficult to explain in words. The physical pain and emotional stress of grief and loss impacts each one of us in different ways. If the death was expected we may have different feelings and emotions during the grief process than one that was not, and vice versa. The same can be said for if it was a child, spouse, sibling, or lifelong best friend. Even the time of year (such as birthdays or holidays) can cause us to break down when we least expect it.

Although death is a normal part of life, grief can make it difficult to find a new normal or get through a typical day without problems focusing, feeling lost, or not being able to eat. You may find that you fall into a severe depression, suffer from insomnia, develop anxiety, other mental health related issues or are unable to go back to work.

Even if you feel like you’re dealing with the loss well enough, seeing a grief counselor or psychologist can help you find purpose and joy again, while still allowing yourself to mourn the loss of your loved one in a natural, healthy manner.

Should I Get Grief Counseling?

Grief and loss is something that you can only understand if you’ve been through or worked with people who have. It is perhaps one of the strongest emotions that can be experienced. Working with a Jupiter/Palm Beach Gardens or Park City grief therapist can help you to process everything you’re feeling, not so you can “move on,” but so that you can find peace and be able to discover the new normal just to get through life.

Some of the Utah and Florida families that our grief counselor works with have experienced things such as:

  • The death of a child
  • Experiencing the birth of a stillborn infant
  • Death of a spouse, parent, or sibling
  • Suicide of a loved one
  • Death of a close friend
  • Having a family member pass away from a chronic illness or disease
  • Accidents or trauma that resulted in death
  • “Survivor’s Guilt”
  • Military duty
  • Terrorist events
  • Losing someone to a drug overdose, substance abuse, or DUI

In most cases, our Park City and Jupiter/Palm Beach Gardens grief counselors have seen that individuals who are initially hesitant to get grief counseling ultimately find that the therapy sessions are extremely beneficial on their journey to find peace. More often than not, they wish they had gotten grief counseling even sooner.

Children especially need professional help when they’ve experienced a traumatic event such as the death of a family member. Although a young person is quite resilient, they may start to act out, become depressed, or have problems at school because they don’t understand how to process the feelings of loss or the pain that it causes. Don’t wait until your young one starts to exhibit behavior problems; it’s best to schedule grief counseling as soon as possible.

We recommend seeing a grief and loss therapist or joining a support group soon after the memorial service (usually within the first month of the loss,) and most definitely within the first year of mourning. The next 12 months following a loss can be some of the hardest to get through, as are the anniversary events (such as birthdays, Christmas, date of the loss, etc.) Planning out how to process your emotions and knowing what feelings to expect can help a person get through them more easily, especially when there’s someone who understands what they’re going through.

Grief isn’t something to suppress; it’s an emotion to process. It can be a daunting task to get through if you’re not sure how you’re supposed to be feeling. A grief and loss therapist can help you.

Utah or Florida Grief and Loss Support

If you or someone in your family is suffering the loss of someone close to them, The Dell Center for Therapy can help. We offer individual and family counseling sessions for grief and loss at our Park City or Jupiter/Palm Beach Gardens location. You can also book an appointment online, if you live somewhere else!

The question shouldn’t be “Do I need to get grief counseling?” but “How soon can I see a grief counselor?” Book your appointment online today; it’s one of the most important steps on your journey to heal and cope with the loss of someone you care about. Let one of our grief and loss therapist help you.

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